Drink Water Before Beverage

The consumption of a cup of Coffee (and many Teas) will remove an equal amount of water from your body plus an additional 20%.

So it is a very good idea to always drink water before either beverage.

Tea is pH value 6,
Coffee is pH value 5.

It increase Acidity in the Body. Acidity causes lot of major diseases like Cancer, Ulcer, etc..

It’s not that tea or coffee will cause cancer, but it helps keep the body in an acidic environment if it is not neutralized.
Drinking glass of Water before the Tea and Coffee will minimize the damage




Stress & Tension

A group of friends visited their Old University Professor.

Conversation soon turned to complaints about ‘STRESS’ & ‘TENSION’ in Life.

Professor offered them Coffee & returned from kitchen with Coffee in different kinds of cups !!
(Glass Cups, Crystal Cups, Shining Ones, Some Plain Looking, Some Ordinary & Some Expensive Ones..)

When all of them had a Cup in Hand,

The Professor Said:-

“If you noticed – all the Nice Looking & Expensive Cups are taken up, leaving – behind the ordinary ones !!
Everyone of you wanted the Best CUPS, & that is the source of your STRESS & TENSION !!

What you really wanted was “Coffee”, not the “Cup” !!

But you still went for the Best Cup.

If Life is Coffee. Then Jobs, Money, Status & Love etc.. are the Cups !!
They are just TOOLS to hold and contain Life.

Please Don’t Let the CUPS Drive you !!

Enjoy the COFFEE ..!!

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