Better posture to drink water

In our bodies there are the pores of the skin as outside our bodies called sfringer. Sfringer is a muscular structure (muscle) which can be opened (so that urine can pass) and closed. Any water we drink will be distributed at the screening stations located in the kidney. Sfringer it will open at the time we sat down. And vice versa sfringer will be closed at the time we stood up.

If we sat drinking with the water we drink will be filtered by the sfringer. Instead, if we take the stand so the water we drink will not be filtered by sfringer because sfringer when closed and directly to the bladder.

At a minimum there will be 2 disease that we suffer if we always drink with standing (not sitting):

1. Any clean water we drink must contain lime. Because sfringer when closed, the water contents and no one can enter the so sfringer these calcium channels would accumulate in the ureter that will eventually crystallized. This is called urinary stone disease.

2. Like a waterfall that falls into the hard stone, over time hard rock will be eroded and that blows a hole in the water. So is the water we drink, because sfringer closed then no water is filtered and all the water we drink will immediately fall into the bladder so the bladder will eventually get hurt and become infected.
That is the minimal disease that we will suffer if we take the stand. That means there will still be other diseases that would threaten, if we take a stand.



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